Name: Algol Jehir al Mishal of Clan Drahir, House Nushnembes, Ghoul of the line of Nu
Class/Level: Mystic, 1
Race: Kasatha
Theme: Icon
Gender: M
Home World: Idari, Colony Ship
Player: Ghast

Ability Scores
STR 12
DEX 10
CON 12
INT 10
WIS 18
CHA 10

Acrobatics: 2
Athletics: 3
Bluff: 4
Computers: 2
Culture: 4
Intimidate: 4
Life Science: 4
Mysticism: 8
Perception: 8
Sense Motive: 8
Survival: 4
Initiative: -

Health and Resolve
Stamina: 7
Hit Points: 6
Resolve: -

Armor Class
EAC: 11
KAC: 12
AC vs Combat maneuvers: 20

Saving Throws
Fort: 1
Reflex: -
Will: 6

Attack Bonuses
Melee: 1
Ranged Attack: -
Thrown attack: 1

Spinal Sword: level 1, 1d6 damage, critical threat range of x3, deals piercing or slashing damage

Spells: Level 0
Detect Magic
Token Spell, Perform simple magical effects.
Psychokinetic Hand, Telekinetically move an object of 1 bulk or less.
Psychokinetic Projectile, Telekinetically hurl an object, dealing 1d6 damage.
Telepathic Message, Send a short telepathic message and hear simple telepathic replies.

Spells: Level 1
Identify, Gain a +10 bonus to identify magical or technological items.
Detect Thoughts, Listen” to surface thoughts.
Mind Thrust, Mentally deal 2d10 damage to one target.

Multi-Armed, A kasatha has four arms. One hand is considered its primary hand; all others are considered off hands. It can use any of its hands for other purposes that require free hands.
Desert Stride, Kasathas move through non-magical difficult terrain at normal speed.
Desert Runner, Kasathas have a +4 racial bonus on Constitution checks and Fortitude saves to avoid fatigue, exhaustion, and other ill effects.
Defensive Training: Greater, Kasathas have a +2 dodge bonus to Armor Class.
Spinal Sword Proficiency, Kasathas treat kasatha spinal swords as martial weapons.

Mystic Strike, Melee attacks count as magic.

Second Skin, level 1



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