Mistrunner AI


CH-K (pronounced “see-aych-kay” or “Chuck”) is the on-board AI for the Mistrunner. While never appearing on any view screens, CH-K sounds like an adult human male. He has a bit of an attitude, due in part to his role and the history on the Mistrunner, and partially because of his history with the Vesk and his new captain, Reykesh

CH-K is trying to temper his anger against Reykesh, but is still letting it show through by disobeying minor orders or being belligerent. While the war with the Vesk ended years ago, he still holds a bit of that grudge. However, he does recognize her as the Captain of the ship and will always act accordingly

Unit Gamma
Gamma routinely interfaces with CH-K, as Gamma uses a neural link to pilot. As such, they are forming a bond. There are times where the two become as one, and while CH-K may be at odds with Gamma’s rather dry personality, he does consider the android his friend.

CH-K isn’t sure what to make of Algol yet. He doesn’t trust someone so secretive, and while he hasn’t stopped to spying on Algol, the thought has crossed his mind.

Isk’ru and CH-K hit it off very early on. CH-K likes her personality and thinks that her ‘mad scientist’ streak will lead to more upgrades to his systems and the Mistrunner as a whole. He’s hoping she can keep him in line, especially so that he can stay in the good graces of their captain.


CH-K and the Mistrunner were made sometime in the middle of The Gap. While he has no memories from inside The Gap, he knows that the Mistrunner was originally an exploration vessel. During the war with the Vesk, his programming was expanded to include more strategic and tactical thinking, as well as cultural knowledge of the Vesk, at least what little was known at the time. During the war, he saw over 80% of the Mistrunner’s crew die at the hands of the Vesk. This is largely why he’s still distrustful of the new captain.

Once the war was over, the Mistrunner was decommissioned and any non-essential hardware was stripped out. Unfortunately, this also included a lot of the memory and knowledge modules in CH-K’s system. Now, most of his knowledge is basic, at best, though his personality modules have all the traits he’s picked up over the years.

It will be up to the Captain if those are to remain.


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